Cheeky Chats Book of Empowering Wisdom for Girls


An inspirational book for girls of all ages featuring the adorable cheeky chats cats and real-life female role models.
This colorful 32-page book is full of fun facts, cool quotes, inspirational stories and cheeky challenges. It is a book to help build confidence, expand horizons and give real world examples of girls and women who are doing amazing things.


It’s a book where girls will be encouraged to take the initiative in learning new things, helping themselves and in helping others. Each two page spread in the book covers a specific topic that encourages girls to “do” or “be” something special in their everyday lives.

Each spread contains quotes, fun facts and real world examples and ends with a “cheeky challenge” that encourages the girls to do a variety of things. For example, in the “be a global leader” spread, the cheeky challenge encourages girls to be a “citizen diplomat” and to learn new things about another country or culture. In the “make a difference” spread girls are encouraged to find ways to help others whether it is helping an elderly neighbor with groceries or formal volunteering etc. Some of the topics are more lighthearted like “be awesomesauce!” Which encourages girls to expand their horizons by learning to cook something or trying a new food.

In addition to the cheeky challenges, each two page spread has so much more such as fun facts, quotes and real world examples of people doing or being something special. In the two page spread titled “be a champion” girls are encouraged to set goals and challenge themselves; whether in a sport, a spelling bee, or a personal goal. The two page spread offers fun quotes and facts about some amazing olympic champions and even gives advice on being a graceful winner.
 the book not only offers empowering wisdom to young girls but really to girls of all ages. Hopefully, a mom, an auntie, an older sister can also benefit from a little cheeky “chattitude”!