Cheeky Chats Kitty Cats

Cheeky Chats are fun, bold, smart and quirky kitty cats
whose mission is to empower girls through knowldege & to inspire & encourage them to believe in themselves and their abilities.

Why the name “Cheeky Chats”?

“Cheeky” because the kitties are fun, smart and confident, with just a hint of sassy.

"Chats" because not only are these cute kitties “chatting,” that is, expressing themselves, but the word CHAT also means CAT in the creator’s favorite language, French!

Who Created the Cheeky Chats?

New York artist and entrepreneur Christi Scofield is the President of Icebreaker Entertainment and the mind behind a variety of top-selling brands including Sassy Slang and the new Icebreakerz NYC.  After working with consumer products for many years Christi felt there was a need in the market for a brand that was inspirational to girls young and old. 

Christi Scofield

Christi Scofield

Christi wanted to create cute characters with expressive statements that support and encourage others. She recalled an experience she had many years ago when she was down on herself and a good friend gave her a small gift, a necklace that simply said, “I Believe in You.” Such a small gesture can make a very big difference in one’s life, and Christi is hoping to do the same thing with Cheeky Chats designs like “Yes I Can”, “Awesome Sauce” and “Born Champion.” When you receive a “Born Champion” t-shirt as a gift, you not only get to tell the world that you believe in yourself, but you also know that someone else believes in you too!

Christi also wanted to create designs that encourage girls to be strong and bold and to try new things.  After creating a whole store of fun t-shirt designs she thought that these same messages might be great in a book so she set about creating the first Cheeky Chats Book of Empowering Wisdom for Girls.  

One of Christi’s favorite quotes is “Approach cooking and love with reckless abandon.” She tries to look at life that way and knows it takes courage to try new things. Christi created Cheeky Chats designs like “No Fear”, “Fortune Favors the Bold” and “Trail Blazer” to encourage girls to be bold and courageous and to blaze new trails in life.  Christi took her own advice to heart and at age 42 set out to teach herself something her inner techie nerd always wanted to learn.  She taught herself how to code and took the Cheeky Chats book and made it into a bigger bolder badder app version with cool interactions, animations and music.  Now the Cheeky Chats book is also a rich interactive app available on multiple platforms.  Next up are more fun tees and gifts as well as a new fiction book/app series of Cheeky Chats Adventures!

Christi feels blessed to have had so many strong female role models in her life and knows that without their support and their belief in her abilities she would not have accomplished what she has in life. She hopes Cheeky Chats will enable others to offer that support to young girls, tweens, teens and women today.